Money Smart Week

Next week is Money Smart Week! We at PHA could not be more excited about the many great events we will be hosting to help Peoria residents with employements and learning to stretch their dollars. Below you can find a list of all the events that PHA and MeTec Resource Center will be hosting.

Harrison Phase II Construction Complete!

Morrissey Construction just completed two projects for Peoria Housing Authority, Phase II and Phase IIB at Harrison Homes.  They liked it so much they put the project on their website!  The homes look beautiful and they are definitely worth bragging about.  Here’s what they wrote: Morrissey Construction completed phase 2 and phase 2B of the...
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Gone Fishin!

We took a group of children from Taft and Harrison homes on a fishing excursion through the Peoria Park District’s 2011 Urban Fishing Program on Tuesday, July 19th. The kids learned the lessons of fishing and the do’s and don’t’s on how to use a fishing pole.  They were each given a practice pole to...
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Dream Center Mission Camp at Taft Homes

Dream Center is one of Peoria Housing Authority’s most valued partners.  For years the Dream Center has adopted Taft Homes as a site for many projects.  The volunteers there are dedicated to our residents at Taft and have changed many lives for our families.  They deserve all the praise imagineable! Excerpt from Journal Star: By...
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Harrison Garden

An article featuring the garden at Harrison Homes has been featured in the Journal Star’s lawn & garden section.  Read the entire article here. Below is an excerpt from JENNIFER DAVIS ( Journal Star Posted Jul 10, 2010 @ 10:58 PM PEORIA — Standing beside their flourishing vegetable garden, Thomas Dixon and Bernadine Brown bring to...
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Summer Giveaway 2010

Lines of residents at the gate… Thousands of items on display… 17 people working hard for PHA residents… = SUCCESS & TEAMWORK!!!! We can’t thank our volunteers and donors enough for help with the Summer Giveaway. Eighty-one big bags were handed out and stuffed full of all sorts of necessities…. Clothes, shoes, baby items, books,...
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Woodruff Students Paint Mural

By KAREN McDONALD ( Journal Star Posted May 31, 2010 @ 08:52 PM PEORIA — While the doors of Woodruff High School are closing, doors are opening for some two dozen residents in a GED/adult literacy program at Taft and Harrison homes. To help seal the high school’s legacy, about 100 students are creating a...
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