The ARRO Program

Access to Resource & Referral Opportunities

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to help our residents become self-sufficient. That includes but is not limited to: having utilities in their own name, clearing credit, understanding the importance of good housekeeping, assistance with medical needs, childcare, transportation, job training and all other personalized goals.

Why is this so important?
Our residents often need help in one or more of these areas and don’t know where to begin. We will put them in contact with our partnering agencies in the community to help them with each roadblock they find on the road to self-sufficiency. This is of particular importance because of our new housing developments. PHA has broken ground at Harrison and is currently working on development plans for Taft. All new housing will require that our residents meet tougher standards. They will need to have utilities in their own name and be working or going to school. PHA is committed to helping our families qualify for new housing. We will do everything possible to remove any stumbling blocks for anyone willing to take the help.

How can we get there?

The short answer: with lots of help!

PHA is partnering with more than a dozen agencies in the community to provide resources to our residents. The great thing about the city of Peoria is we have an abundance of resources and opportunities. You just have to know where to look! However, when you need a lot of help, it’s hard to know where to begin. So we are centralizing those resources and bringing them to our residents. We have a point person at each agency that will dedicate their time to helping public housing residents we refer to them. Our partnerships are strong and will ensure the success of the A.R.R.O. program!

CASE MANAGERS: We are proud to say each family in the A.R.R.O. program will be blessed with a mentor/case manager so they have a consistent person to go to for each goal they try to accomplish. The case manager will connect them to the resources they need to reach their goals and follow up to make sure milestones are hit.

How can you help?

If you are a student interested in an internship,

You can read more about the ARRO program here. Interested in being an intern? Email Nicole Livsey at