3E: Program Update

Since reading our first article about 3E, we're sure you've wanted to know more. Now, you can.

3E Program Update

Last November, we introduced you to our Empower. Educate. Employ. Program, better known as ‘3E.’ At the time, 3E was finishing up its second session, which had eleven women participating in the college preparatory course. As 3E’s third session starts, we thought we would give our readers an update on what’s happening with this amazing, award-nominated program.

 “Since then, four of the five women have passed the CNA state exam…three have gained employment as Certified Nursing Assistants.”

After the first 3E session—which occurred in April 2014—five of the eight original students went on to participate in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and GED program at Illinois Central College (ICC). As of November, those same five women were just finishing up their clinical portion of the class and were on track for a December graduation. Since then, four of the five women have passed the CNA state exam, with one scheduled to take it in the near future. Of those four, three have gained employment as Certified Nursing Assistants! This is an absolute thrill for all of us at the PHA—especially the program’s facilitator, Brent Baker—to see.

What about the students who participated in the second session of 3E? We’re glad you asked! Six of the eleven students have begun classes at ICC and are starting their clinical portion soon. While six of eleven may not sound great, it’s important to remember that this class is a prep course for college, and is not specifically just for the CNA program at ICC.

The third session of 3E started on Monday, March 30, 2015. So far, Baker says six students have signed up for the class, and he is excited to work with them through this intense, month-long workshop towards improving their soft-skills and helping them get on a path towards achieving their career goals. Graduation day is slated for Friday, May 1.

Programs like 3E are what make the Peoria Housing Authority special; we do everything we can to help provide supportive services to our residents. Poverty is hard, and while public and affordable housing alone can be a tool to help low and very-low income earners regain their financial footing, it is not always easy and is certainly harder alone. We are proud to offer self-sufficiency-oriented programs and will continue to provide these needed services to help advance the lives of our residents and to boost the local economy.

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