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Do Affordable Housing Residents Work?

Quick Facts:

  • Only 5% of affordable housing residents in Peoria County have no source of income (2012)
  • 86% of families receiving affordable housing assistance in Peoria County live on an income of less than $20,000 a year
  • Average income for county affordable housing residents is $11,181.00

Today, we’re going to talk about resident employment. We’ll review the rental process, and look into the sources of income our residents have. Affordable housing can be an excellent resource for working families struggling to find housing, or to make ends meet.

Rent Review
As we discussed last week, the PHA’s rental amounts are, on average, cheaper than market rent housing. And, because residents will never pay more than 30% of their adjusted gross income, affordable housing is a great resource for families and individuals who are underemployed, or simply working in a low-income industry. Since over 40% of residents in Peoria County qualify for affordable housing, there are a lot of individuals and families who actually don’t realize they qualify for housing. We’re here today to show that affordable housing residents are working, and you can be one of them!

Sources of Income
In Illinois, a majority of the people receiving housing assistance are earning less than $20,000 per year. According to HUD [link], just 5% of affordable housing residents in Peoria County have no income, and the average income of that same group is just $11,181 per year! With over 46 million Americans living below the federal poverty line, affordable housing is a valuable resource that can change lives.

Residents in this data earn their income from any combination of federal assistance (such as SSI/SSDI) and employment. At the PHA, residents who are not working or enrolled in higher education/ job training are required to meet community service requirements each month.



















HUD income guidelines allow people to earn up to the above-listed amount and still qualify for housing! Working families and individuals are encouraged to apply!

If you are in need of affordable housing, please download our housing application here.

Our Residents
Often times, we hear that our residents aren’t working, or that they live for free. We hope after our last two posts, many will be able to see that our residents do work for what they have. Moreover, they aspire to have more—they want to be self-sufficient.

In 2013, our staff conducted a survey of residents at Taft and Harrison in which we discovered a clear majority wanted to have employment in the health care industry. Out of this survey, we created 3E, a now-awarding winning program that has helped over 25 women pursue their ambition of working in health care. At the PHA, we’re actively looking for ways to change our resident’s lives and help guide them towards their ambitions and goals.

Take a look at our award-winning resources to help you gain long-term self sufficiency (ARRO and 3E).

We were very pleased to have two family self-sufficiency graduates present at our most recent Board of Commissioners meeting. Both women were incredibly proud to tell us about their journeys as they went from affordable housing to homeownership. The best part? These women are just a few of the examples we have for what affordable housing can do to change lives.

Keep checking our blog weekly for more PHA news!


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