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Scattered Sites: What Are They?

When people think about types of affordable housing, they usually think of two things: large, older complexes, or the housing choice voucher (section 8) program. Many don’t realize, though, that there is a type of affordable housing known as scattered sites.

What are scattered sites?
Scattered site units are part of a housing authority’s public housing program. All that means is they are funded through the public housing budget. They can be single- or multi-family units in any location throughout the community. Scattered sites are very similar to section 8 and, like section 8, are designed to help house low-income individuals in areas not heavily concentrated in poverty.

What are the benefits of this program?
Like we mentioned above, a huge benefit of scattered sites is promoting the deconcentration of poverty. Providing housing choice in multiple neighborhoods allows us to service more people in more places. With over 40% of Peoria County residents qualifying for affordable housing, there is a great need for units in every pocket in our service area.

Scattered site units are also typically existing single- or multi-family housing that is acquired by a housing authority. For community members, that means that the integrity of your neighborhood remains intact while also giving your neighborhood the social benefit of providing affordable housing.

At the PHA, we use scattered sites as part of our housing incentive program [link]. This is a simple program with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency. Some of our scattered sites residents have lived in public housing for a few years and have made great strides in their personal self-sufficiency, and were given the chance to move into their own single-family home. Others already had an established self-sufficiency record, but just needed to lower their housing costs. Regardless, we’re proud to offer this benefit to our hard working residents.

Which of your properties are scattered sites?
Not all affordable housing located outside of 61603 or 61605 is under the PHA’s portfolio. While the PHA does not own or manage units at complexes like Village Green or Lexington Hills, we do have 118 scattered sites units located throughout our service area, primarily in the city of Peoria. Many of these units are single family homes, while others are multifamily.

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