The Peoria Housing Authority is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities for all of the citizens living in an area generally known as “Central Illinois.” In addition, through the development of strong partnerships with current residents and appropriate community agencies, the Peoria Housing Authority seeks to develop new programs (Housing, Social, Educational) to enhance the quality of life for residents, thereby offering numerous opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Board of Commissioners

Office Name Appointed Expires
Chairman Carl Cannon 10/14/2003 06/30/2021
Vice Chair Helen King 06/27/2017 06/30/2023
Treasurer Kadar Heffner 03/12/2019 06/30/2021
Commissioner Alma Brown 04/08/2014 06/30/2022
Commissioner Kim Furness 08/27/2019 06/30/2023
Commissioner Robert Culp 09/14/2021 06/30/2024

  Board Meetings for 2023
January 26 July 27
February 23 August 24
March 23 September 28
April 27 October 26
May 25 November 16
June 22 December 21

All meetings will occur at 4:30 pm at the Peoria Housing Authority Administrative Building, 100 S. Richard Pryor Place, Peoria, IL 61605 unless posted otherwise. Audit & Finance Committee Meetings begin at 3:00 p.m.


Armeca N. Crawford - Chief Executive Officer
Armeca N. Crawford - Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for extending the opportunity to serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Peoria Housing Authority (PHA). As your CEO, my goal is to positively impact the Peoria community through strong partnerships and implementation of thoughtful programs that will enrich the lives of our residents and the community that we serve. I look forward to working with the Board of Commissioners, and forming a collaborative effort to advocate for access to suitable affordable housing options.

As your CEO, I want to hear from you! I'm interested in establishing PHA as a place where residents feel free to give their feedback and suggestions. As I tour communities to familiarize myself with residents and sites, which I will do so routinely—please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and to share any concerns, feedback or input you may have. You may also communicate with my office directly at 309-676-8736, ext. 14002, or email execadmin@pha.peoria.il.us.

I greatly look forward to serving you, building positive partnerships within the PHA community and the city of Peoria, in our dedicated mission of moving families forward!

Armeca N. Crawford
Chief Executive Officer, Peoria Housing Authority

Armeca N. Crawford joined the Peoria Housing Authority team as Chief Executive Officer in April 2022. Director Crawford joins us from Detroit, MI, where she most recently served as Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Management for the Detroit Housing Commission. She brings with her a wealth of experience in executive-level real estate operations, property and asset management, community engagement, financial operations and program compliance.

Armeca N. Crawford Chief Executive Officer execadmin@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14002
LaEisha Meaderds Deputy Special Assistant Lmeaderds@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14002
Shanda Green Director of Human Resources SGreen@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17316
Wendy Phillips Executive Support (Customer Support) execadmin@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14002

Theresa Switzer Director of Finance TSwitzer@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17311
Wendy Phillips Senior Accountant WPhillips@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14012
Joe Miller Accounting Clerk accountspayable@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14013

  Modernization, Development & Procurement
Jordan Sondag Director of MOD JSondag@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17312
Pam Pesha-Ahten Contract Administrator PPesha-Ahten@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14024
Antionette Riley Procurement Specialist ARiley@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14017

  Housing Choice Voucher
Aldisa Jordan Director of HCV AJordan@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17321
Natasha Yarbrough Eligibility Clerk nyarbrough@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14053
Shedante Lewis HCV Leasing Specialist (Last Name A-F) slewis@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14038
Vacant HCV Leasing Specialist (Last Name G-Mi) ext. 14051
Tonya Pollard HCV Leasing Specialist (Last Name Mo-T) TPollard@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14054
Denise Vaughn HCV Leasing Specialist (Last Name U- Z) DVaughn@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14044
Lysandra Foreman Inspector LForeman@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14052
Vacant Inspector ext. 14035
Ashly Smith Program Integrity Specialist asmith@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14028

  Public Housing
Monica Johnson Director of Asset Management MJohnson@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17324
Chris White Housing Safety Security Specialist cwhite@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17310
Shanna Petty Eligibility Clerk spetty@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14079
Turanna Hart Program Integrity Specialist thart@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17319
Harrison Homes
Jackie McAvin Asset Manager JMcavin@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14106
Vacant Assistant Asset Manager ext. 14067
Sterling Towers & Scattered Sites
Jimmey Garry Asset Manager JGarry@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17335
Chad Clayton Security Guard CClayton@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14042
Deb Blake Assistant Asset Manager dblake@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14092

Charlie Randle Harrison Homes
Cher Bitner Harrison Homes
Steve Landry Harrison Homes
Victor McElmurry Harrison Homes
Robert Wilkinson Scattered Sites
Wes Mogler Scattered Sites
Matt Johnson Scattered Sites
Dan Curtis Sterling Towers
Dan Dowell Sterling Towers

  Supportive Services & Self-Sufficiency
Venus Black Community Engagement & Resident Services Manager vblack@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14104
Venus Black Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator - HCV vblack@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14104
Vernon Thomas Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator - Public Housing VThomas@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 14061
Brittany Bryant Ross Coordinator bbryant@pha.peoria.il.us ext. 17340